Residential/Townhome Construction


Residential Contractor Requirements

 All of the following forms must be completed and included with the 2 sets of construction plans submitted to the Engineering Department and Building Inspection Department for review.  The Water Quality Specialist will review all grading plans to ensure that the site drainage conforms to the subdivision drainage plan and that appropriate erosion and sediment controls are in place to prevent pollutants from leaving the construction site. 

Contractors are responsible for scheduling the initial inspection with the Water Quality Specialist, prior to the start of construction, to verify the necessary stormwater pollution prevention best management practices are in place. Contractors are also responsible for scheduling the final inspection to verify proper stabilization exists following project comlpetion (to be scheduled prior to final inspection with the Building Department).

  1. Single Family Residential Design Standards-comprehensive list of information that the contractor must include in the grading plan and SWPPP.
  2. Grading and ESC Guidance - detailed requirements outlining the responsibilities and procedures that contractors must follow to conform to the City of Owatonna Stormwater Management Ordinance No. 52.25.
  3. Notice of Transfer/ Modication Fact Sheet - read prior to signing notice of transfer/ modication form and deliver to person responsible for SWPPP oversight.

**If the all of above information is not completed and submitted with construction drawings, the plan will NOT be allowed to be reviewed.** 

Residential Contractor Resources and Responsibilities

The following information is available for further details about the requirements of the Grading/ESC Permit Process

  1. MPCA Permit Modification Form-the application that must be printed, completed, and submitted to the MPCA if development is under Construction General Permit coverage.
  2. How to use the Permit Modification Form-general information about the MPCA permit modification form process and responsibilites.
  3. Concrete Washout Requirements

New Homeowner Resources and Responsibilities

MPCA Homeowner Fact Sheet 


Go to Building Inspection Division's webpage for additional information regarding construction