Facility Rules-Tennis & Fitness

General Facility Rules

  1. You must have a current membership or pay for each visit to use the facility.
  2. Payment must be made prior to using the facility.
  3. All people entering must check-in or sign-in at the fitness or tennis desk.
  4. All children age 11 and under must be accompanied by an adult while in/when using the facility.
  5. Report any defective or damaged equipment to staff immediately so proper steps can be taken to repair the equipment.
  6. Appropriate language is required at all times.
  7. Shoes and shirts must be worn at all times (modest attire is expected in all areas of the facility). Exceptions: (1) When a facility user is using the pool or sauna and is going to and from the locker room to the pool or sauna, shoes and shirts are not required and (2) when a game of basketball is being played, a shirt is not required.
  8. Patrons must get approval from staff before opening or closing facility windows or doors.
  9. Patrons are not allowed to adjust, unplug or turn off the air conditioners or heat units.

Weight Room Rules

  1. No person under the age of 16 is allowed in the weight room without proper supervision of an adult in the same room and are using the equipment properly (when the supervisor is not a parent, a 1:1 supervisor to child ratio is used).
  2. No person under the age of 12 is allowed to use the weight equipment.
  3. Wipe down machines after use.
  4. After using the free weights, return them to racks or weight trees.
  5. Do not drop or slam weights down.
  6. Use the appropriate amount of weights so that you do not jerk, bounce, slam, or drop weights.
  7. Do not stand or place weights on the padded benches.
  8. No loud or obnoxious behavior/language allowed.
  9. Be considerate of others--if someone is in the middle of a workout routine on a machine, wait until the person is done or ask if you can use the machine in-between the person's set.
  10. Use a spotter on all equipment when attempting maximum or excessive weights.
  11. If you do not know how to use a piece of equipment please ask the staff.
  12. When air conditioners are in use, leave the door and windows closed.
  13. West Hills Personal Trainers have exclusive training rights of the facility.

 Basketball Court Rules

  1. No dunking, slamming or hanging on the rims or nets.
  2. No beverages or food allowed in the gym.
  3. Shoes must be worn--no bare feet.
  4. No street shoes allowed in the gym.
  5. No loud or obnoxious behavior/language allowed.
  6. Store all personal items in locker rooms.
  7. Organized half and/or full court games will be allowed only if gym space permits.

Cardio Room Rules

  1. No person under the age of 16 is allowed on cardio equipment without supervision of an adult in the same room and are using the equipment properly (when the supervisor is not a parent, a 1:1 supervisor to child ratio is used).
  2. When air conditioners are in use, leave the door and windows closed.
  3. Wipe down machines after use.
  4. If people are waiting for a machine, a maximum of 30 minutes is allowed by each person.

Track Rules

  1. No loitering on track.
  2. No horse play allowed on track.

Sauna Rules

  1. Appropriate clothing must be worn at all times.
  2. No lotions or oils allowed.
  3. An adult must accompany anyone under 16 years old.
  4. One (1) cup of water put on the rocks per 15 minutes.

Pool Rules

  1. All people using the pool for open swim must check in at the Fitness or Tennis desk and will wear a wristband issued to him/her at the desk.
  2. Shower before swimming.
  3. No food or drinks allowed in the pool area.
  4. Bathing suits/appropriate swimwear required. No cut off jeans or other clothing that is not considered swimwear is not allowed in the pool. Click here for swimwear examples
  5. No diving.
  6. No snorkeling or diving masks allowed (goggles only).
  7. Kids must look where they are jumping first before getting into the pool.
  8. No running on pool deck.
  9. Equipment for the use of swimmers includes lifejackets, noodles, and kickboards only. Some equipment may not be allowed when crowded.
  10. No dunking, rough play, or excessive noise.
  11. The swimmers are to help the lifeguards by putting away the equipment they have taken out.
  12. A break will be called by the lifeguards as needed where swimmers are directed to wait in the locker rooms.
  13. Lifejackets can be used if there is an adult in the water with the child (children) using the jackets.
  14. Obey the lifeguards who are on duty.
  15. No sitting, standing, jumping, or kneeling on kickboards.
  16. Kids cannot go past where they cannot touch if they do not know how to swim.
  17. Only one person at a time on the ladder.
  18. Maximum Pool Capacity: 26

 Tennis Rules

 1. Court Reservations

a) Members may reserve one tennis court 5 days in advance for a limit of 1.5 hrs. Play may continue if no      reservations follow.  

b) Non-members may reserve one tennis court 1 day in advance for a limit of 1.5 hrs. Play may continue after additional court fees have been collected.

c) Cancellations must be arranged minimum of 1 day in advance of reservation. West Hills Tennis and Fitness center has the right to charge open court fees and or limit reservation privileges when cancelation policies are not followed. Court cancellations that are sold to or reserved by other guests or members will relieve cancellation party of their responsibilities. 

d) All persons, both members and guests must "check-in " with staff before entering courts.

e) All court fees and memberships must be paid in full before entering courts. Please come early enough to make payments before your scheduled court reservations.   

 2. Attire

a)     No shoes, no shirt, no service.

b)     Street shoes are prohibited from being on tennis courts at any time.

c)      Non-marking soles only.  Black soled shoes are only prohibited from all areas of the tennis courts.

d)     Winter boots and street shoes must be changed before entering courts. Clean and dry shoes only.   


3. Courtesy to others  

a)      Please have cell phones on silent or off when inside tennis court area.

b)      Finish last game within the last five minutes of hour reservation time.

c)      Return all unwanted balls to ball return or staff. Do not leave on courts.

d)      Use trashcans to discard old balls, grip over wraps and trash.

e)      Proper tennis etiquette is expected. Throwing racquets into curtains, nets, or onto court surface is prohibited. You will be held responsible for damages.  

f)       Walk behind curtains to your designated court.  


 4. Tennis Court Maintenance

a)      No food allowed on tennis courts.

b)      Chewing gum is prohibited inside tennis court area.

c)      Pop is prohibited inside court area. Water and capped sports drinks only.  

d)      Please report maintenance concerns to staff.  


 5. Ball Machine and Ball Hoppers

a)      All tennis balls must be picked up after use.

b)      Ball machine and equipment must be returned to location behind curtains.  

c)      Balls must be locked and key returned to staff.

d)      Please report any ball and machine concerns to staff.   


6. Coaching and Instruction

a)      Excluding immediate family members, instruction is restricted to Tennis Professional staff employed at West Hills Tennis and Fitness Center.   


7. Alcohol

a)      Alcohol is prohibited in the facility