"Prohibition: A Grand Misadventure"November 18

In 1920, the United States entered a period during which the manufacture, sale, and transportation of intoxicating liquors was banned. As it turned out, the US also entered a period of lawlessness and corruption, unequaled in its history. Presenter: David Jones

Date:November 18 from11:00 am-Noon

Cost:$3 SP Member or $5 Non-Member


Minnesota was First: December 4

Arn Kind will be on hand at SeniorPlace to present Minnesota was First! Did you know that Minnesotans were the first to volunteer troops to fight in the Civil War?  Did you know that Minnesotans were not only responsible for foiling the James - Younger Gang's attempt at robbing our banks, but that they also put an end to the criminal reign of this infamous outlaw gang?  Did you know that a famous aviator, raised in Minnesota, was the first to make a solo, non-stop flight across the Atlantic, stretching and proving the capabilities of aircraft?

Arn Kind is a member of the First Minnesota Volunteer Infantry Regiment; a reenactment group based out of Fort Snelling.

Date/Time: December 4 from5:30-7:00 PM             

Cost: $15 SP Member or $20 Non-Member


“The Lincoln Assassination: A Fragile Time" January 20

When John Wilkes Booth assassinated Abraham Lincoln, the Civil War was ending and emotions were high. Killing the President was just part of Booth’s plan. Join us to explore this fragile time in our history and the plot that very nearly succeeded in toppling the government. We are all familiar with the basic story of John Wilkes Booth shooting Lincoln at the theater, but what other forces were at work? Who were the people that Booth pulled into a conspiracy leading eight others to be convicted? Presenter: David Jones

Date/Time:January 20 from6:00-7:00 pm

Cost:$3 SP Member or $5 Non-Member