Staying Active

Wii Games

Nintendo Wii - A video game that's good for you. A distinguishing feature is the game’s wireless controller, the Wii Remote, a handheld pointing device that detects movement and speed. The nature of the Wii means that you use your arms, legs, and torso when playing. We are sure that you will find something you like: the system also comes with tennis, golf, baseball, bowling and boxing. The Wii is a great activity for people to enjoy together. Adults with limited mobility can play, too; standing is not required, so these players can be comfortably seated while they play. Stop by and give it a shot, no experience required.

Days: Mondays starting January 23

Time: 12PM - 2PM

Location: SeniorPlace



Indoor play is officially here.  Morning play includes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:00 am until noon………. for the mere monthly fee of $30.00 per member.

Evening Play consists of Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:30pm-8:30pm it also includes Saturday play from 9:00am-3:00pm…….. for the mere monthly fee of $25.00 per member.

Unlimited play consists of all of the above days and times…..for the mere monthly fee of $50.00 per member.

Daily fees are $5.00 for members

Membership fee for 2017 is still just $10.00

Monthly play fee or a OPA membership would make a nice gift or a stocking stuffer for someone.      

(Gift Certificates Available)

For non-members all fees are more costly… it does pay to be a member J.  To check out more information on our Association visit our web site at

See you on the courts….enjoy the nice weather

Any questions or for further information contact Alan Peterson (President OPA) 763-670-2869.


Silver Streaks-Softball

Owatonna Senior Softball will start softball play again soon.  We are looking for more players to join the fun and fill our teams. We have a town team that plays Tuesday mornings starting at 9:00 AM and another that travels to Faribault and Northfield to compete. The age requirement is 50 years old and most players are in their 60's and 70's. The only cost is your membership to Owatonna Senior Place which also entitles you to several other things. Meet other new players and have outdoor fun and exercise. This is coed softball, men must be 59 years old sometime this year and ladies must be 40. If you are interested in joining contact the SeniorPlace.


Chair Aerobics

Enjoy a real aerobic workout, without getting out of your chair!  This fun program consists of warm-ups, exercises, cool-downs & stretches.  Offered by Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute (formerly Sister Kenny) 507-977-2150

Cost: $10 per month or $1.25 per class

Day: Mondays & Thursdays

Time: 10:30-11:15am

Location: 3rd Floor


Weight Training for Seniors

A Therapist leads the group in a program of warm-up exercises, weight lifting exercises with hand-held weights, cool-down exercises and stretching. We ask for a commitment of 3 times per week for 3 months to start the program. Offered by Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute (formerly Sister Kenny) 507-977-2150

            Cost: $25 per month

            Day: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays

            Time: 8:30-9:30am or 3:15-4:15pm


Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art and form of stylized, meditative exercise, characterized by methodically slow circular and stretching movements and positions of bodily balance.

            Cost: $1 per class

            Day: Wednesdays & Fridays

            Time: 9:30am



Pilates is a proven gentle total body workout which strengthens deep back muscles, abdominals, upper and lower body as well as improving flexibility.  This is a very beginner class. Exercises are balanced with stretches throughout. Class will leave you refreshed and relaxed.  Clean mats will be provided for use or bring your own. Instructor: Susan Bernhart.

Cost: $2 per session

Days: Mondays & Thursdays

Time: 9:30-10:30 am   



Yoga is a series of postures and stretches in combination with breathing to develop flexibility and relaxation. Proper alignment of the body will bring balance, strength, and calmness to the participant.

Cost:   - 12 Class Punch card: $60.00 members/$72 non-members

- 6 Class Punch card: $33 members/$39 non-members

Days: Tuesdays & Thursdays

Time: 10:30-11:15am