OPL Staff - Favorite Scary Movies

Mary Gontarek     
An American Werewolf in London
"I love a horror movie that’s also funny and this one is wickedly funny. Whenever you hear the song ‘Blue Moon’, you will forevermore think only of moors and werewolves.”

Mary Kay Feltes    
Rosemary’s Baby - “It’s so scary I’ve never actually seen it. I read the book though.” 
The Perfect Storm - “Real life horror.”

Dawn Sorenson  
The Omen
"I can remember a babysitter watching 'The Omen' with me (age 10?) and being tooooooooo scared to even move out of the room while watching. Horrible nightmares ensued for at least 6 months. The babysitter paid me $1.00 not to tell my parents she watched that movie with us.”

Cathy Walerius
Silence of the Lambs
"Creepy without all the blood and guts.”

RenĂ©e Lowery    
Rosemary’s Baby
“I don’t like horror movies at all and have never sat through one, with this exception. All the mind games in the movie really freaked me out.”

Bonnie Krueger’s son Blake     
The Exorcist
“Partially because I saw it when I was young and it has always hung with me. But it is still widely regarded as the scariest movie ever made. The fact that exorcisms are somewhat true also adds to it.”

Gail Plathe    
The Changeling (1980)
“This film is sinister and spooky, without resorting to shocking dismemberments, blood and gore. And so intriguing I could not turn it off.”
Patty Nichols
The Birds ; Gaslight
“I scare easily! The Birds (Alfred Hitchcock) and Gaslight, were my 2 favorite scary movies.”

Brandon Robinson
Night of the Living Dead ; Dead Alive ; Evil Dead 2
*(Editor’s note: Blood and major guts! Brandon is obviously younger & more bloodthirsty than most of the library staff!)

Darla Lager 
Kolchak, The Night Stalker 
"I didn't watch scary movies as a kid, but we did watch 'Kolchak: The Night Stalker' starring Darren McGavin. It was a good and scary show."

Axel Bustos 
The Appeared

Dave Lubahn
Psycho ; Invasion of the Body Snatchers ; The Blob ; The Pit and the Pendulum
*(Editor’s Note: At first Dave couldn’t think of any but when he got going, his inner film geek kicked in and he couldn’t stop!)

*(The Editor is Mary G.)