March 2013 - Board Minutes

Owatonna Public Library Board Minutes of March 19, 2013

The Owatonna Public Library (OPL) Board of Trustees convened their monthly meeting on Tuesday, March 19, 2013 at the Owatonna Public Library. The meeting was called to order by President Jill Holmes at 4:28 p.m. In attendance were: Vice President Russ Dunn-Foster, Eric Mattison, Library Director Mary Kay Feltes, Children’s Services Librarian Darla Lager, and Administrative Assistant Dawn Sorensen. Absent were: Assistant Director RenĂ©e Lowery, and Angela Sager. Don Overlie was present via SKYPE from Surprise, AZ.

Dunn-Foster made a motion to accept the minutes from the February meeting, and Mattison seconded. All aye.

Feltes then presented the financial report for OPL, and began with going over the 2013 budget. She stated that all was on track so far for the year. Renee Lowery is currently working on the Annual Report, due April 1, 2013. Books for OPL are not yet closed for 2012 according to Rhonda Moen, Financial Director for the City of Owatonna.

Lager presented the Children’s Services report, stating that the highly anticipated Early Learning environment is coming as soon as early April 2013. Discussions regarding an Open House for this environment will be held off until installation and all training is complete. Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) of Owatonna has donated 50 hours of staff time to provide families and children at OPL learning workshops/training in the new environment play space. Some furniture will need to be moved beforehand in Children’s Services, and carpet cleaning done as well. Joni Oeltjenbruns of Owatonna will be painting part of the new environment space to add to the aesthetic learning environment. Lager also reported on the “Read Around the World” event in partnership with the Kiwanis Club of Owatonna during February 2013 that featured local “celebrities” offering stories to families.72 people attended this event. Storytime for February brought in 303 people. Kindergarten classes from St. Mary’s School also visited in February 2013 with a total of 49 students and teachers.

Feltes reported on the eUsage for OPL from February, stating that downloads for FreeGal in 2013 were down compared to 2012. Downloads for Overdrive were up slightly for the year. OPL began offering an online magazine database to Steele County residents called ZINIO in late February 2013. At this point in mid-March, only three weeks in to the service, there were 600 downloads. The people count for OPL in February 2013 was at a 10% decrease from 2012. Sorensen will look into new people counting devices for the OPL location. The current counters are older, and accuracy is questionable.

At the Blooming Prairie Branch Library (BPBL), a 16% decrease in attendance showed compared to 2012. Inter-library loans (ILLs) at BPBL showed about 500 items being lent out, and 250 items requested. OPL had over 1600 items lent out and 1300 items borrowed for February 2013.

Feltes presented a report on the use of space at OPL, specifically, the Gainey Room. Upcoming programs for the “Healthy Living at Your Library” series were discussed, as were other community based programs and events scheduled for the Gainey Room for the month of April. Feltes reported that architects and designers from BKV Group, and architecture firm based in Minneapolis, were coming the following day to discuss budgets and design plans for the renovation project. Tierney Brothers will also be present at the meeting to discuss technology upgrades for the Gainey Room and Teen Room spaces. A representative from Bremer Bank will be coming to discuss anticipated renovation projects this week as well. Representative John Petersburg will make a visit to OPL in April as well.

The Board discussed current procedures for public meeting use.

The Board also discussed upcoming programs at the library.

Board member Jill Holmes will end her term in April 2013. Feltes recognized her years of service. Don Overlie will end his term as SELCO representative in July 2013. Board members were asked to suggest candidates. Mayor Tom Kuntz will appoint new Board members in April 2013. New terms will begin May 1, 2013.

Holmes motioned to adjourn the meeting at 5:12 p.m. Dunn-Foster seconded. All aye.

The next meeting will be held on April 16, 2013 at the Owatonna Public Library.

Respectfully submitted,
Dawn Sorensen