December 2014 - Board Minutes

Owatonna Public Library Board Minutes of December 16, 2014

The Owatonna Public Library (OPL) Board of Trustees held the monthly meeting on Tuesday, December 16, 2014. In attendance were: President Russ Dunn-Foster, Vice President Don Overlie, Secretary John Pfeifer, David Marcoux, Library Director Mary Kay Feltes, Assistant Director RenĂ©e Lowery, Children’s Librarian Darla Lager, and Administrative Assistant Dawn Sorensen. Meredith Erickson was absent.

Call to Order
President Dunn-Foster called the meeting to order at 4:35 pm. Dunn-Foster made an addition to the agenda under New Business (b.) Letter of Complaint.

Children’s Services Report
Lager presented the Children’s Services Report for November 2014 at OPL. Lager visited five “Parents-of-Twos” classes at Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) in November 2014. She spoke with 38 parents about the importance of reading to children and showed them new books and old favorites. Storytime was held seven times during November 2014 with 185 children and adults in attendance. This total includes the 65 people who attended “Yummy for your Tummy,” the Storytime done in partnership with ECFE. A book signing for Joni Oeltjenbruns’ new book Saving Slim was held on November 7, 2014. This event was attended by 56 people. Lager visited TriValley Headstart on November 26, 2014 and read stories to a group of 26 children and teachers. Lager displayed the new book bags that were handed out to the groups of first-grade students who visit the library during the month of December for a tour and reading of The Polar Express.

November Board Minutes
President Dunn-Foster presented the November board minutes to be reviewed. Vice President Overlie made a motion to approve them, and Marcoux seconded. All aye.

Financial Report
Feltes reported on the year-end income statement for OPL. She explained budget programs to the board. Feltes also explained the year-end income statement for the library.

Library Use Report
Feltes reported on library use for November 2014. At OPL, 17,899 items were checked out for November 2014, a decrease of 23% as compared to November 2013. At Blooming Prairie Branch Library (BPBL), 1,685 items were checked out for November 2014, a decrease of 8.9% as compared to November 2013. BPBL had 4 new borrowers for November 2014. OPL had 128 new borrowers for November 2014. At OPL, 1,301 items were lent to other libraries through the inter-library loan (ILL) system, a decrease as compared to November 2013. At OPL, 940 items were borrowed from other libraries for the month of November 2014, a decrease as compared to November 2013. At BPBL, 318 items were lent in November 2014, a decrease as compared to November 2013. At BPBL, 151 items were borrowed in November 2014, a decrease as compared to November 2013. Both OPL and BPBL had more items lent than borrowed in November 2014. At OPL, 15,707 people came through the doors in November 2014, a 17.8% decrease as compared to November 2013. At BPBL, 1,101 people came through the doors in November 2014, a decrease as compared to November 2013.

Library Digital Use Report
Lowery presented the digital use report for OPL in November 2014. At OPL, 1,003 eBooks and 210 eAudio items were downloaded by 333 patrons in November 2014. FreeGal, the music database reported 118 patrons downloading 1,004 songs in 44 genres in November 2014. Zinio, the magazine database, reported 190 downloads for November 2014. IndieFlix, the movie database, reported 7 streamed movies for November 2014. Sorensen reported that staff is working on scheduling programs for January 2015, and will keep the board informed of dates and times.

Feltes reported on the increase of observed homeless individuals in the library. Feltes, Lowery, and Sorensen met with Nancy Bokelmann, Housing Coordinator for the City of Owatonna, and Julie Anderson, Director of Steele County Transitional Housing regarding resources for individuals in this community. A resource map was distributed to Feltes for Steele County agencies that assist the homeless.

Strategic Planning
Feltes reported on the need for strategic planning for the library, and requested the board’s participation inlong-term planning. Feltes referred to the 2012 Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) report that City Administrator Kris Busse requested from department heads for the City of Owatonna. In 2012, the OPL Board participated in determining strengths and weaknesses for the library report. Feltes asked the board to consider conducting a SWOT analysis as a way to work on planning for the library President Dunn-Foster recommended that the SWOT analysis be finished at the January 20, 2015 board meeting. Pfeifer stated that Southeastern Libraries Cooperating (SELCO) recently hired a public relations company which may be available to assist with strategic planning.

Letter of Complaint
Lowery read a letter of complaint from Mark Schwanke, an OPL patron. Schwanke was displeased with the lack of availability of eBooks on OverDrive. Lowery responded to Schwanke via e-mail. Lowery explained to the board the boundaries of eBook availability via OverDrive at OPL due to book publisher restrictions and guidelines.

Board News
Marcoux reported that he has accepted a position with Bremer Bank in Rochester, MN beginning January 1, 2014. He will be resigning his board position upon his relocation. Feltes and the board congratulated Marcoux on this position, and expressed their thanks for his board service. President Dunn-Foster adjourned the meeting at 5:20 pm.

The next meeting of the OPL Board of Trustees will be on Tuesday, January 20, 2015 at 4:30 pm. The meeting will be held in the Gainey Room, on the third floor of the library.

Respectfully submitted,
Dawn Sorensen 12/18/14