Fire Prevention and Safety Information

Your best protection from fire and injury is prevention.

We believe in fighting fires before they happen and helping people before they are hurt.  This is accomplished through public education training events and providing quality safety information to everyone.  The information below will provide you with information to ensure that you are doing everything possible to protect yourself, your home, and your family. 

Automatic Stovetop Fire Suppressors


Carbon Monoxide Alarm Requirements

Charcoal and Gas Grill Safety

Christmas Tree Safety

Clothes Dryer Safety

Cooking Safety

Electrical Safety

Escape Planning

Fire Extinguishers

Fire Safety Information for Children


Home Fire Safety

Home Safety for People with Disabilities

Home Sprinkler Systems

Ice Safety


Matches and Lighters

Outdoor Cooking Tips

Portable Fireplace Safety

Recreational Fire Requirements within City Limits

Scald Prevention

Smoke Alarms

Smoke Alarms for People who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing


Space Heaters

For safety information in other languages, please visit ECHO Minnesota.


Interesting news reports on Smoke Alarms:

TODAY: Rossen Reports: Kids sleeping through smoke alarms - March 22, 2013

In the event of a fire, you rely on your smoke detectors to wake up your whole family. NBC’s Jeff Rossen conducts a test and makes a frightening discovery: Children can sleep right through the piercing alarms. 


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Rossen: Some smoke detectors may not go off in time - October 3, 2012

A scientist at Texas A&M University says he has discovered that one of the most popular kinds of smoke detectors may not protect your family in a fire, because it's not sensitive enough to go off in time for you to escape your burning house. NBC's Jeff Rossen investigates.