What's Happening in the City

3/23/15:  Owatonna Today Show - Mayor Kuntz with an update of city happenings and then on location with Producer Leanne Alt to Aspen Dental to talk with Regional Manager Jennifer Troxell and Owatonna dentist Dr. Nick Berge

3/03/15:  Owatonna Today Show - City Administrator Kris Busse and Public Works Director Kyle Skov give an update on 2015 Street Improvement Projects.

2/11/15:  Owatonna Today Show - Officer John Petterson and Canine Officer Karsh on patrol.     

1/23/15:  Owatonna Today Show - Mayor Kuntz with an update on city happenings.  Ken Snow discusses his new business, american Classics and Hot Rods located at the former Hursh Motor location on 18th St SE. 

12/19/14:  Owatonna Today Show - City Adminstrator Kris Busse and Mark Krug, Human Rights Commission Chairman talk about the Owatonna Human Rights Commission and the breakfast planned on Martin Luther King Jr Day, January 19, 2015.  Tanya Paley with United Way, and Jennifer Libby of  the Owatonna Chamber are also on this show.

12/017/14:  Owatonna Today Show - Detectives Joel Hunt and Brianne Lesnau talk about their respective positions within the Owatonna Police Department and then Karen Fountaine from Steele County Public Health talks about influenza.

11/24/14:  Owatonna Today Show - Mayor Kuntz talks about the Winter Parking Ordinance. 

10/31/14:  Owatonna Today Show - City Administrator Kris Busse and Park and Rec Administrative Assistant Mary Jo Knudson talk about the upcoming bow and arrow deer harvest in city parksand then a visit to Beds For Kids.

10/03/14:  Owatonna Today Show - Bonnie Krueger, Senior Reference/Cataloging Librarian at the Owatonna Public Library talks about speakers and events happening at the library; then with Jill Jewison from Cardinal Stritch University and their partnership with Riverland

9/24/14:  Owatonna Today Show -  Karen Fountaine, Steele County Public Health talks about the importance of getting a flu shot this season and then with Mike Johnson, Owatonna Fire Chief speaks about the Department's Open House and Chili Feed planned for October 5th, October is Fire Safety Month & trains carrying hazardous materials through Owatonna.

9/12/14:  Owatonna Today Show - Brad Rademacher, City of Owatonna Water Quality Specialist, about the upcoming Straight River Clean-up; then with Pete Connor, about an upcoming Bike Traffic Safety course.

8/29/14:  Owatonna Today Show - Guests include Kris Busse, City Administrator and Steele County Senior Citizens of the Year Vivian Rubedor and Harvey Ronglien.

8/25/14:  Owatonna Today Show - Rick Smith shows improvements at Brooktree Golf Course, 1369 Cherry Street. 

8/20/14:  Owatonna Today Show - Rick Smith and Mary Jo Knudson with Park & Rec are at the Off-Leash Dog Park at Lake Chase, 1915 State Avenue NW.

6/11/14:  Owatonna Today Show - Capt Mundale and Pam Roberts from the OPD discuss plans for the 2014 Night to Unite Event on Tuesday, August 5th and owner of Camp Pillsbury, Vonda White and Camp Director, Nigel Watson give a tour of the camp planned to open Sunday, June 15th.

6/01/14  Stories of Steele - Sonja talks with Mallory Strock from Camp Pillsbury, Parker Erickson a 5th grader from Wilson and Kim Cosens talks about the history of the Harry Wenger Marching Band Festival.

5/28/14:  Owatonna Today Show - John Petersburg, MN State Representative about the 2014 Minnesota Legislative session; then with Mayor Tom Kuntz for a City of Owatonna update.

5/07/14:  Owatonna Today Show - Captain Eric Rethemeier from the Owatonna Police Department talks about Owatonna's Social Host Ordinance for the Safe and Drug Free Coalition of Steele County.

5/05/14:  Owatonna Today Show - Detective Joel Hunt talks about the Safety Camp planned for 4th Graders this June 18th and 19th. 

4/23/14:  Owatonna Today Show - City Administrator Kris Busse - Polling Sites and Assistant Recreatin Director Tim Truelson - Summer Registrations.

4/18/14:  Owatonna Today Show -  Jessica Abrahams from Owatonna Park & Rec and Elizabeth Bratsch from the Steele County Humane Society talk about their upcoming joint venture the Bark & Rec Pet Expo.

4/16/14:  Owatonna Today Show - Reserve Officers Dan Peach and Kevin Knopick talk about the Owatonna Police Department's Reserve Unit.

4/09/14:  Owatonna Today Show - Firemen Jarrod Schmoll and Kevin Sedivy talk about grilling and recreational fire safety; then with Nikki Callahan and Brad Dushaw from Owatonna Park & Rec talk about the Munchkin Market planned for Friday, April 18th.

2/28/14:  Owatonna Today Show - City Administrator Kris Busse and Brad Radermacher, Water Quality Specialist.

2/10/14:  Owatonna Today Show - Detective Joel Hunt & CSO's Chet Macht & Andrew Hobbs discuss CSO's at the Owatonna Public Schools.

1/30/14:  State of the City - City Administrator Kris M. Busse and Mayor Tom A. Kuntz deliver speech with slide show on the state of the city. 

1/20/14:  Owatonna Today Show - Annual MLK Jr Breakfast - Keynote Speaker, Khaled Sharafuddin with the Islamic Media, an organization dedicated to providing accurate information about Islam and in improving understanding between cultures presents “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Islam but Were Afraid to Ask”              

11/29/13:  Owatonna Today Show - Stan Groff and Susie Hoopes talk about the progress being made on the United Way of Steele County's Otto Bremer Foundation Grant; then with Fire Chief Mike Johnson talks about the Holiday Train's visit to Owatonna on December 6th.

11/25/13:  Owatonna Today Show - Jerry Shore and Don Overlie talk about the Toys For Tots program; then with Mayor Tom Kuntz with a City of Owatonna update.

9/25/13:  Owtaonna Today Show - Talking with Owatonna School District Personnel Pete Grant, Amy LaDue and Mary Hawkins and then Owatonna Fire Chief Mike Johnson talks about upcoming events at the Owatonna Fire Department.

9/23/13:  Owatonna Today Show - Talk with Tom Kuntz, Mayor of Owatonna; then with Bonnie Krueger and Mary Gontarek from the Owatonna Public Library about an upcoming Author's program and the latest technology available at the library 

9/04/13:  Owatonna Today Show - On location at SeniorPlace to talk with Anne Pleskonko about SeniorPlace's 25th Anniversary.  Celebration at SeniorPlace will be on Thursday, September 19th!

8/30/13:  Owatonna Today Show -  City Administrator Kris Busse about upcoming "Intersections" programs sponsored by the Human Rights Commission this fall.  First workshop will be Thursday, September 12th.

7/24/13:  Owatonna Today Show - Rose Ann Kubicek talks about the upcoming Litomysl Summer Festival and Captain Jeff Mundale with the Owatonna Police Department talks about "Night To Unite" planned for August 6th.

7/01/13:  Owatonna Today Show - Talk with Bonnie Krueger and Darla Lager from the Owatonna Public Library about hot reads for the summer for adults & kids.

6/28/13:  Owatonna Today Show - On location to KODA Living Community to talk about KODA's short term and rehabilitative care; then in studio with City Council Member Kevin Raney.

6/19/13:  Owatonna Today Show -  On location at the Rice-Steele 911 Call Center with Tim Boyer and Jill Bordhus.

6/12/13:  Owatonna Today Show - Detective Tom Munns talks about senior and consumer fraud and "See something, Say Something".

5/29/13:  Owatonna Today Show - Mayor Kuntz and Parks & Recreation Director Corky Ebeling discuss the reorganizatin of the Parks & Recreation Department. 

5/06/13:  Owatonna Today Show - Officer Joel Hunt talks about Safety Camp planned for June 2013.

5/01/13:  Owatonna Today Show - Mary Kay Feltes, Library Director and Darla Larger, Children's Librarian show the new Smart Play Spot at the Owatonna Public Library, 105 N Elm Ave.  Funding for this project was received from the Minnesota Children’s Museum, the Minnesota Legacy Amendment and the Owatonna Public Library Foundation.  Grand Opening program on May 11, 2013 beginning at 10:30 am. with the Smart Play Spot officially opening after the ribbon-cutting at 11:30 am.

4/22/13:  Owatonna Today Show - Matt Durand, Storm Water Manager gives some Earth Day tips we all can do for Mother Earth.

4/17/13:  Owatonna Today Show - Police Captain Jeff Mundale discussed the Police Reserve Unit.

4/10/13:  Owatonna Today Show - Bonnie Kruger, Senior Reference/Cataloging Librarian talks about an author and poet events at the Library during April.

4/05/13:  Owatonna Today Show - Legislative update from MN Senator Vicki Jensen and Fire Chief Mike Johnson on Emergency Notificatin System.

3/29/13:  Driver's Safety & 'Toward Zero Deaths'  with Jane Nyquist. Steele County Public Health Nurse and Sgt Deanne Von wold, Owatonna Police Force. 

3/25/13  Owatonna Today Show - with Mayor Kuntz.

1/31/13:  State of the City with Kris M. Busse, City Administrator and Thomas A. Kuntz, Mayor. 

1/21/13:  Martin Luther King Jr Breakfast with the Human Rights Commission, Guest Speaker was Darrell Thompson.