Current Projects Status

2021 Projects:

  • Planning is underway for the 2021 Construction Projects. 
  • Street Maintenance, North Cedar Streetscape, CIPPS, Bridge Street and Truman Avenue projects are anticipated to take place.
  • The City of Owatonna Downtown Streetscape Study was approved by the Owatonna City Council in November of 2019 as part of a larger Master Planning effort. ISG has been engaged to assist with this project, considered as Phase One of the Master plan, which consists of North Cedar Avenue Streetscape improvements focused on the three blocks between Central Park and Rose Street. The project includes a site assessment of existing conditions, summary of stakeholders and community engagement, and the general planning framework for the downtown area.

    This site is designed to help you stay informed and navigate this project by providing information updates including construction alerts, what to expect next, and contact information. In addition, the project schedule has been designed for downtown businesses to remain open during this time to have the least impact as possible on the community.

  • Bridge Street Reconstruction: Bridge Street from I-35 to 24th Avenue will undergo a full reconstruction. Below is a visualization animation created by ISG for this project. 

2020 Projects:

Steele County Projects:

News Releases related to Steele County Projects can be found here.

The conversion of CSAH 45 (Oak Avenue) from a 4-lane road to a 3-lane road.

The Iowa Department of Transportation has produced a video explaining why converting an existing four lane road to a three lane road consisting of one lane going each direction and a turn lane in the center can help to improve safety and traffic flow. This is similar to the work being completed on Oak Avenue.